Sunday, July 26, 2009

Dominick's 2nd Birthday

(Birthday gift from Auntie Monika & Cameron)

B-Day Cake & Playing in the Fountain

"I'm 2!"

Seeing his birthday cake for the first time.

This weekend, we went to Folsom to celebrate my nephew DJ's 2nd Birthday.  He is such a cute kid, and I think he had a lot of fun!  We did too!  The weather was HOT, but the kiddies all enjoyed playing in the fountains, while the rest of us found shade in the pavilion area.  So fun to see all the family/relatives :)

Finally Complete! (We got the "coffee table" all situated)

I LOVE how the living room area turned out.  It's so nice to come home and relax.  Couches are comfy.  And everything just makes you feel