Thursday, March 12, 2009

GAP GIVE & GET 30% OFF Starts Today!

Have you seen this???  It starts today.  It even works on sale items!  Such a great deal AND it benefits the World Wildlife Federation :)

Monday, March 9, 2009


Hooray!!!  Please click HERE to view Verike's new blog, devoted entirely to fashion :)

It's been a long-time comin' folks...

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Luv for our Tassimo Machine

Why do I love the Tassimo so much?  Because it makes me the perfect cup of coffee.  Ryan's parents got us hooked on this thing and it is A-MAZING.  I should be one of the spokespeople for it.  If you've ever come to our place, I've probably told you how awesome our coffee machine is and how you should probably buy one for yourself :)  Haha!  Our favorite beverages from the Tassimo are:
*[Gevalia] Cappuccinos
*[Gevalia] Lattes
*Chai Lattes

They all taste delicious!  It makes just the cup you need and in the long-run is much cheaper than going to S-bucks.  Today I'm drinking my coffee out of one of the cute mugs Bo & Tawny gave me for my birthday (thanks guys - love them!).  One has a V, the other has an R.  I'm using Ryan's today...

JuRy DuTy

Oh how I hate being cramped in this little room with all these other people.  I think they said there are 65 of us in here.  It's quite small.  At least I won't have to come back here for another year (or more - hopefully!).  Have I ever told you that I have the WORST luck with Jury Duty?  I think I have been summoned 5-6 times now.  Holy Moly.  I know it is my duty as an American Citizen, but I sure don't enjoy it.

I live 1 block away from the Redwood City courthouse.  Where did they assign me to???

Answer: South San Francisco

The waiting room for jurors is kind of like jail.  There is a TV that doesn't work, but DOES play the "How to be  Juror" movie on it.  There is a water dispenser.  Bathrooms.  Lots of rows of chairs with about as much room between them as an airline seat has.  And for the lucky few (yep, I was one of them), a long table with chairs so that you can sit at your laptop.

Save Me.